Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Gain more exposure online for your restaurant than ever before.  Using these internet marketing strategies.

Digital marketing can be the best thing to ever happen to your business, a win-win situation, but only if it is done by a digital marketing professional correctly. 81% of consumers now search online prior to making a purchase, is this not enough of a reason to start your online marketing campaign? Below are the benefits you will get if you employ and internet marketing agency.

Get to know your customers easily.

The online space is a great tool for finding information, products, and services. And it is therefore used by millions to do just that. It is also a great platform to inform your customers and potential customers of upcoming events and sales allowing you to connect with them on more of a personal level. Another great thing about the internet is that you can reach anyone, so it is a great source for gaining you customers even from different areas like Hertfordshire, UK.

Save money.

Internet marketing is an investment. You should look to get back a considerable return on all your investments, however, it does take time to ‘kick off’ an effective internet marketing campaign. It is not something that will make you your investment back overnight. It is realistic to expect to see some results within around a month or two, depending on the strategy you have chosen. After a few months, you will see large growths in traffic and sales (if your website converts well).

Below are the main and most effective internet marketing strategies available in from Hertfordshire internet marketing agencies.


Social Media Marketing:

This can be a very effective campaign as it opens a door to billions of online users, users who spend hours a day scrolling through their social media feed. A simple add is all it takes to advertise your business and get some clicks to your website. The traffic will in most cases be quality potential clients as you can setup targeting to display your ads to users who match a certain profile. The downside of Social Media Marketing, especially in Hertfordshire restaurant market is that there is a lot of competition and you really have to make your ad stand out from the crowd. Also, the way social media ads work is that you pay for each click, meaning it can get very expensive with very little results. Also, you will never stop paying for traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation:

This is by far the most effective internet marketing strategy a business can employ, and it will probably stay that way too! SEO Hertfordshire agencies offer great ROI as this is really what SEO is all about, getting your money back with maximum profit.

Search marketers will optimise your website to make it Google friendly and therefore have Google and other search engines move it up the ranks for certain keywords, with the end game being reaching the top position for keywords with a high search volume. This means that customers will click on your website first, instead of going to your competitors. If you are not investing in SEO right now, you are bleeding money.

The great thing about SEO is that it is a one time fee. You pay an agency a certain amount for a few months until you see the agreed result and then you are set and getting free traffic as your listing will stay in a high position.

Pay Per Click:

PPC has become very popular over the last few years as Google and other search engines have introduced their top few listings to be taken over by paid advertisements. Instead of investing in SEO and using organic search listings to take the first position, businesses now pay for every click they get on their ad. This may sound silly however it is necessary in some cases as if you type in a brand name, you don’t want the competitors taking the paid ad listings and appearing above the brands organic listing. PPC can be effective however, it can also be very expensive.


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